Saturday, June 7, 2014

Westside Farmers Markets

When Saturday rolls around,we all know what to expect: lazy relaxation, family bonding, and that extra sense of community. We're talking about the Farmer's Market. Every town, big or small has one or at least has one nearby.

The farmer's market is not only good for the body (organic fruit, local produce, fresh squeezed juice? Let's talk about healthy!) but also cleansing the soul and bringing a peace of mind. The farmer's markets each have a culture, mingling the worlds of the venders and shoppers. A trip to the farmer's market does not just entail a quick-food-grab, but is an experience in its own.

Engulfed by swiftly transitioning aromas-the smoke of hot honey walnuts, the sweet and sour smell of cherries and raspberries - even if one is not tasting the food, everyone is indulging (but who am I kidding, the samples are another part of the experience ;).

A market is quite the scene amidst happy children playing, family pets roaming, venders calling out special prices, and shoppers offering bargains. 

People are always selling beautiful flowers at the market. Pick some up to give to anyone, or even to set in a vase by your window. Something about waking up and setting your eyes on a colorful bouquet always starts the day out right.

And since the markets only come by once a week everyone hustles out. Like an informal community gathering, one is bound to touch up with friends at the market. Many a Sunday I arrived to the market with plans for a lazy afternoon, but left to an action-filled day with my girlfriends. But don't get me wrong, a trip to the market could be plenty lazy. 

While at the Palisades market be sure to stop by Maison Giraud for a French Brunch in the Palisades. Chef Maison Giraud and his staff opened their restaurant just after coming from France. Brunch is slightly pricey but well worth it. Be sure to come by early to ensure that the French Pastries aren't all gone. The croissants are light, buttery, yet not greasy. Blueberry melts into rich cream of danish- an absolute must-get from the menu. As a main dish try the Smoked Salmon Benedict or the light whipped ham and cheese frittata; it's a perfect light breakfast.

At the Brentwood market, no restaurants are in walking distance, but not to worry! Food stalls occupy the rear of the market and one can always find something tasty when passing through.

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