Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Beverly Hills Hotel

The renowned pink hotel of Los Angeles. A time-honored tradition for tea and brunch. The place where this blog was conceptualized, and born.

As ideas were tossed back and forth, some taking bites of their gnocci and some dreaming up the various possibilities, it became clear what they should do: start a joint lifestyle blog about living in Los Angeles, the hidden gems of the West Coast, and their travels.

Laughing over ahi tuna tartare and shrimp caesar salads at the Polo Lounge, six friends shared not only their appetizers, but their ideas for a hypothetical blog that critiqued various hotels.

After plenty of discussion (and soda, and crispy parmesan bread with butter, and some other kind of French bread), our hotel-critiquing blog turned into a life style blog that reflects on Los Angeles day-to-day's, what-to-do's, and everything in between... and everything out of the city!

Ahi tuna tartare- light and tender. The creamy, healthy fats in the mashed avocado marry with the textures of the raw tuna. With a side of pine nuts and black pepper, the dish is exploding with flavor.

Caesar salad with grilled shrimp. A classic caesar (parmesan, dressing, croutons... the works) is elevated and modernized with freshly grilled shrimp. The lemony herbs accentuate the juicy shrimp perfectly, giving a light lift to an otherwise "heavy" salad.

These potato pasta pillows have a hint of freshness with English peas and a buttery broth. Gnocci is a traditional Italian pasta dish and is known as (and commonly confused for) a miniature ravioli.

This cake was delicious as well! The rich buttercream frosting played beautifully with the crumbly vanilla cake inside. Of course, the presentation was impeccable and looked gorgeous as a very appropriate centerpiece to celebrate Alexa's birthday! (It's July 17, but she celebrates it early).

It was decided, and our first post? The Beverly Hills Hotel, of course. The famous LA Hotel was where we spent a fun-filled Saturday afternoon. Poolside, of course. The pool had speakers that omitted sound, but only when you were underwater (how cool is that?!). We rented a cabana, stocked with magazines, a TV and a cozy couch. In between our four orders of gooey chocolate chip cookie pies, virgin piƱa coladas, and watermelon juices, we lounged, chatted, and flipped through copies of Vogue and Self. The cabana was definitely a gem, but the chaise lounges arranged on a shaded patio alongside the pool appeared tranquil and relaxing for smaller groups.

As we were escorted from our spots tanning by the pool to the Polo Lounge for dinner, we were all starving and ready to eat. The menu was definitely on the pricier side, but both palate and presentation made up for it, and it was entirely worth it. Prices ranged from the sixteen dollar tortilla soup to the one-hundred eighty dollar Siberian Osetra caviar, so I suppose the price range was... broad to say the least.

After plenty of vitamin D, we left to the catch Neighbors at the new iPic Theater in Westwood, California, but you should let us know if you want all the details. Until then...

xx The Team of Something Here, Something There

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  1. I love this blog already! Please post more. Please!! I live in SoCal so it's refreshing to see a blog that will show me all the places I've dreamt of visiting! My husband and kids will be ever grateful. Date night won't be just any night: now it will be an event! But just a question; will you be posting more locations, not just Beverly Hills?

    With much love,
    Marge Lucifer & Family

    1. Marge, we will definitely be posting more locations! We are trying to post once a day and as the posts go up the labels will add themselves. So far, we have labels for : West Hollywood, Brentwood, Santa Monica, the Palisades, Beverly Hills, and a separate label for our travels. Happy reading!

      xx The SHST Team

  2. Hi, I live in Korea. I go to an international school in Seoul and I would really love some articles on Korea or asia in general? When are the across-the-globe posts coming?

    1. Oh Doori, it's Carolyn. Both my parents are from Korea and I'm currently working on a travel diary on my travels to Seoul and Busan, both in South Korea. Please, feel free to email us at:

      xx Carolyn