Tuesday, June 17, 2014

An Update

Hi readers... other bloggers... inventors, politicians, friends, businesspeople of this generation,

So we have kind of an update. It could be good or bad depending on how you tend to deal with certain circumstances. So we're going to look at it as some sort of experiment.

Unfortunately (and inconveniently), our entire team will be traveling and out and about the month of July. So, this means our posting schedule will not be as frequent and will be a lot more sporadic.  We'll try to keep in close communication, to the best of our abilities, but because some of us don't have access to wifi daily we sometimes won't be able to work out our kinks.

So in advance, we're going to try to post every single day so you have plenty to look at while we're away. So it sounds like a pretty terrible deal. But there's one benefit- travel diaries to look forward to!

xx the Something Here, Something There Team

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