Sunday, June 15, 2014

Santa Barbara: McConnell's Fine Ice Creams

If you've ever adventured in the world of homemade ice-cream in America, the chances are, you've heard of McConnell's Fine Ice Creams. Famous for their unique, yet nostalgic flavors like Peppermint Stick, I didn't expect too much when I heard that this fabulous company actually had a STORE. But like my usual expectations with almost everything I've ever endured, I was wrong.

First things first, you can smell the place from a mile away. Their waffle cones not only smell delicious, but taste it too. Thick, crispy, and actually taste like... well, waffles. And I think we can all agree that waffle cones don't normally live up to their names. Next, the flavors. Never have I seen such a list of so many inviting flavors. Chocolate Raspberry Jam, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Mint Chip, Toasted Coconut Almond Chip... I literally can't name more than that. I'm sure you can find their list somewhere, and I suggest you do.

   I'm just going to tell you right off the bat that Mint Chip is my favorite flavor of all time. No matter how many flavors I'm faced with, I'll always order it. So don't judge me that even when offered flavors I don't even think a human (possibly even an angel) could have created, I still order it. So I did. To pair it with something actually unique, I also ordered the Chocolate Raspberry Jam. Yes, I know. You all may be thinking that I could not have chosen two flavors to contradict each other more. But I will tell you that no matter how much one melted into the other (and as a side note, they didn't really- those ice creams hold their own), it still tasted delicious.

  Anyway, to "top it all off", all of their toppings are home-made. Seriously. Chocolate chunk cookie chunks, brownie bites, everything. And they even claim that rainbow sprinkles are distant relatives of unicorns- how can you not fall in love with this place?

Because I don't want you to drool too, TOO much, I'll leave it at that. Bottom line, I can't name a more delicious ice-cream place, and whether it be at the actual McConnell's or just your local frozen foods aisle, I promise it is in your best interest to grab a pint and sit down with a nice rom-com.

Until next time!

xx Kate

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