Thursday, June 19, 2014

Malibu Farm Café

Sitting on the glistening shores of Malibu, Malibu Farm Cafe is a new café quickly gaining popularity- and with good reason. The restaurant's culture prides itself on being fresh, organic, and local.

Malibu Farm Cafe is nestled at the very end of a Malibu pier. If seated inside, you will be greeted with  rustic wooden tables and rusted metal benches. The table settings are all clean white porcelain and clean white and blue linen napkins sit in a bucket. Fresh thyme grows in a pot on each table, adding a fragrant, lemony aroma.

The schedule is actually quite strange. The Cafe is open from Wednesday-Monday, and the Cafe is closed on Tuesdays. Everyday, the Cafe is open twelve hours from 9am-9pm, with the exceptions of Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday, when the Cafe closes at 3pm.

The breakfast and lunch menu is constant, but the dinner menu rotates constantly based of seasonal ingredients or fresh meats. The breakfast menu features a fried egg sandwich with bacon and arugula, quinoa oatmeal with maple syrup and coconut milk, swedish mini pancakes with strawberry maple syrup and farm scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and ricotta.

Their juices and beverages have lines leading down the pier. They offer all juices, a spectrum of coffee ranging from cappuccino to macchiato and so many teas. Their sweets are delicious- we always have one to conclude our meals.

For a farm-to-table beach experience you won't forgot, right off of PCH, head to the Malibu Pier because once you feel the ocean breeze, you won't help but settle down for a dining experience.

xx Emma and Carolyn

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