Thursday, June 12, 2014


Ice cream or shave ice? This is the question that many hungry customers contemplate while waiting in the long line around the block for some sweet "Snow Cream". Snow Cream is made up of the fine texture of Hawaiian shave ice and the creamy goodness of ice cream. This creates a unique treat called Snow Cream.

At Blockheads, you can choose from a number of flavors of Snow Cream and toppings and syrups to sweeten them. My favorite is strawberry Snow Cream with boba and mochi on top!

My little sister, Chloe really likes the original flavor with boba, chocolate chips and caramel sauce and my other little sister, Lindsey likes the original flavor with boba, brownie bites and caramel sauce 

So, if you are ever on Sawtelle, you should definitely try some Snow Cream and load on the toppings! Your tongue and your tummy will appreciate the sweet flavor! 

xx Emma Lou

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