Sunday, July 13, 2014


Today, we (Alexa and Emma) decided to take a walk down Rodeo Drive for a nice Italian lunch and some sweets. After a great meal at Il Tramezino, we walked down to 'Lette. We walked into the cute and simple store and were cold instantly. We were hit by the cold air used to keep the macarons fresh and bombarded with the sweet smell of the croons.

We bought six macarons in our favorite flavors and we would love to share some insight with you, as we know it can be confusing when it comes to choosing the yummiest macaroons!! 

Pictured below is the box that we got. Starting from the left side: we got Madagascar vanilla, raspberry rose, Colombian coffee, Caribbean chocolate, coconut, and finally, sweet wedding almond. Our all time favorite and the store's most popular is the sweet wedding almond. 

We have both been on the hunt for the best macarons and we have to say, these may have beat LadureĆ©! 

We hope that you find these macaroons as authentic and delicious as we do! 

xx Alexa and Emma

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