Saturday, September 6, 2014

Go Greek!

Hello lovelies.
   I hope everyone is having a beautiful summer day. Two words: Frozen. Yogurt. You've heard them enough, right? Between Pinkberry, Yogurtland, Froyo Life, and the Bigg Chill, I think L.A. has seen it's fair share of "froyo" franchises come and go. However, Beverly Hills is bringing something new to the table. And this summer, you'll be going Greek.
   First, as a disclaimer, I absolutely detest Greek yogurt. I think it's gross, and not to "spoil" anyone's afternoon, but I think it tastes, well, spoilt. Punny, right? Anyway. Coming from someone who has tried countless Greek yogurts and has hated just about every single one, you need to keep reading if you're on the same page as me, or even if you aren't. Tests have come out with scientific proof that frozen yogurt has harmful chemicals in it, and unbelievable amounts of sugar! But have no fear, I have a solution.

   Go Greek! is a yogurt shop located in Beverly Hills that is solely based off of Greek yogurt flown in fresh from Greece every morning. But it's frozen. Everyone's favorite word! Imagine all of the health benefits of natural Greek yogurt squeezed into your favorite dessert. And here's the catch: the yogurt tastes like ice-cream. I kid you not. Though there is a bit of a tangy, berry-undertone to each of the flavors (my favorite: Chocolate) it tastes almost exactly like ice-cream, but better. Though they only carry 4 flavors at a time, the toppings are all natural (from carrots and olives to gummy bears and goji berries!) and you can spruce up your self-serve cup however you'd like.

   While making your own yogurt can be fun, the shop also offers pre-picked combinations as well. And it gets better. Each combo on the menu is aimed to help with the following: weight loss, energy, digestion, calcium-iron supplements, antioxidant, skin, healing, and so many more! Go Greek! also makes for the perfect pre or post workout snack, and even if you're planning on a sit-down dine-in experience, Go Greek! provides a truly Greek setting (complete with a market-shelf selling jarred preserves!)
   So, whenever you wanna crank out that sweet-tooth without absorbing all of the generous helpings of chemicals and sugar in your average yogurt, or even just need a unique meal, pop on over to Go Greek!- with their Greek hospitality, I don't need to tell you they'll be excited you're there... They'll do it for me. With absolutely nothing to critique about this very fine, fine cuisine, I strongly encourage you to give it a try. Greek yogurt lovers, greek yogurt haters, and anyone else... I guarantee you'll love it! 

  After a full cup of frozen-greek-yogurt, I'm gonna sign off here. Let me know in the comments below what you thought of Go Greek!, if you're interested in going, or when you're planning on it!

xx Kate

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