Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sweet Lady Jane

Wedged between the sandwich bar, Inksack, and many chic little boutiques on Melrose, Sweet Lady Jane brings a well-needed sweetness to a quickly modernizing street. Sorry Diane von Furstenburg, we think your costumers might get some sourdough crumbs on your couture! :)

Antique wooden tables, oatmeal colored lace curtains, and crimson leather benches line the walls, but Sweet Lady Jane isn't old vintage granny- it's familiar and inviting. Little accents of floral print and the paper doilies in place of napkins add to Sweet Lady Jane's sweet little atmosphere.

While they rarely take a leap of faith, whether in presentation or in taste, their classic flavors and impeccable execution are just as enticing, if not more. They offer freshly baked breads, ranging from whole wheat baguette to a crusty loaf of sourdough, and a display case full of various goodies (cream cheese puffs and nutty brownies? Swoon.) are always fully stocked and leave a hungry line down Melrose Street.
But their cakes, oh, those cakes, are legendary. The combination of fluffy vanilla sponge sandwiched together by fresh, homemade whipped cream and sliced raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries never gets old. It seems to get better every. single. time.
They offer a standard collection of cakes, like German chocolate and cheesecakes, but they can customize it with lettering and frosted flowers to fit every occasion.
I for one, and a bit of a pie lady more so than I love cake, but I am impartial to both. I mean, if somebody handed me a slice of red velvet cake slathered in a thick coat of cream cheese frosting, I wouldn't turn away. I would just have a slice of pecan pie to go with it!

The pies are absolute perfection. The buttery crust that shells the sweet and crunchy pecan filling. Gosh, every time I have a slice of that pie, my taste buds die and go to heaven.
We've been going to Sweet Lady Jane since we were in Kindergarten, and it's been tradition for us to get a sweet treat after a day at school ever since. But going to a separate school, we haven't had time to stop by as often, but I we still love it just as much. Besides, we still get nostalgic every time we have a bite of whatever from Sweet Lady Jane. We like to reminisce back to my days in elementary school, stuffing my face with profiteroles. But the great thing about tradition is that there's always room for more.

I hope you make some of your own traditions at Sweet Lady Jane. They'll be ones you won't want to break.

xx Alexa and Carolyn

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