Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I had the pleasure of quite the exciting workout today at Soulcycle in Brentwood with a close friend of mine, and after sweating the most I think all of humanity has ever seen, I was hungry. As always.

Conveniently (you say pre-planned, I say coincidental), my favorite sushi bar was literally fifty feet away: Sugarfish. Now, if by any means you're a "sushi person" living in LA county, there's no way this place has slipped by you. However, if it has managed to do so, I highly suggest you get to your nearest location with an empty stomach.

by Kate Schrage
However, I'll need to slow down a bit with my speed-gun in hand and make sure you're at the proper sushi level to experience Sugarfish. If you classify teriyaki chicken, spicy tuna on crispy rice, Rainbow and or California rolls as sushi, I'm afraid this isn't the place for you. Sugarfish is a strictly traditional dining experience featuring simple sushi, sashimi, and occasionally the hand-roll. That's all.

Whoever is still with me here, I don't mean to criticize this place. Sushi is totally my favorite food. Sugarfish is totally my favorite place. It's just not for everyone. I truly think that if you're willing to sit down and eat fish, and only fish, for a nicely presented meal, it's a really great place.

In course order of the Trust Me meal, they serve a plate of sashimi, two plates (eight total pieces) of straight up sushi, and two hand rolls. The quality of the fish which is, yes, bought fresh every morning at the fish market, is absolutely incredible. Also, another issue which the sushi world is rice. If it's too sticky, it can be the grossest addition to a meal, tooth-residue and all. If it's not sticky enough, you suddenly have a lap full of rice. Sugarfish has just about figured out the whole darn game because let me tell you, they are on point. 

Anyway, I could continue to ramble on and on about my love for sushi and appreciation for a restaurant that finally serves it in a way that doesn't scream "American", but I will leave you with the advice to make your way to one of their locations and leave just as satisfied as I.

xx Kate

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